We are a Premier Smokestack Company and Industrial Chimney Company, a business that shares your concerns. Industrial Chimney Construction. Smokestack Inspection. Smokestack Repair. Smokestack Maintenance. Smokestack Demolition. Established in 1989

Our Smokestack Company works Smokestack Contracting in all 50 states and abroad. The button below will lead you to a list of industrial chimney jobs our smokestack company has completed.

Areas of Expertise

Smokestack Safety

At Continental Chimney, Safety First means that when all things having to do with safety are looked after, the work can continue..

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Smokestack Inspection

Our inspections contain inspection photographs and recommendations for any repairs that may be required…

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Smokestack Maintenance and Repair

Our repairs are done with the oversight of a number of chimney engineers who set the standards for the chimney industry.

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Radial Brick Manufactuer

Over 105 years, our brick manufacturing company has amassed a huge number of various die and reels that allow extrusion and…

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Smokestack Construction

At Continental Chimney, we have a number of designs we can use for our customers in new chimney construction.

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Smokestack Demolition

Continental Chimney preforms piecemeal dismantlement of chimneys by hand one brick or one small section at a time using approved OSHA methods.

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We are an Industrial Chimney Contractor, Commercial Chimney Company: We have worked exclusively as a Smokestack Company since 1989.


Solutions:  Continental Chimney & Engineering LLC was incorporated in 1989 by Donald Perry. Over the years since we started our business as an industrial chimney contractor, Continental Chimney has invented innovative and efficient solutions to build, repair and piecemeal-dismantle industrial chimneys and smokestacks.  In our experience working in the United States as smokestack contractors, we have seen that industrial chimneys are subject to stresses from temperature change, chemicals, wind loading, and potentially different kinds of seismic events.  This can result in hairline splits, shrinkage and expansion cracks, spalling, and chimney liner deterioration, and should be addressed immediately before minor problems turn into expensive repairs.  The above is true with every kind of chimney, be it a commercial smokestack or a refinery smokestack.  Continental Chimney LLC is a commercial and industrial chimney contractor.  Over the years  Continental Chimney LLC has tested and found innovative and efficient solutions to build, repair and piecemeal-dismantle industrial chimneys and smokestacks.  Continental Chimney LLC  is primarily a commercial smokestack and industrial chimney company.

Maintenance Plans: An improperly maintained factory chimney can lead to shutdowns due to safety hazards on the outside or an obstruction on the inside.  Having a proper factory smokestack maintenance plan is the best solution to avoid expensive problems.  We can identify these problems quickly and easily, to come up with a comprehensive commercial chimney maintenance or industrial stack repair plan that is within your budget.  For over 25 years the owners and our engineers have been keeping up with innovative studies about masonry radial brick smokestack and industrial concrete chimney repair to incorporate them into our jobs.  We have even gone so far in our passion to provide an excellent maintenance service to our customers to become the only manufacturer in the USA for industrial smoke stack bricks.

Our Engineers:  We have engineers who are knowable of different kinds of smokestack construction: powerhouse chimney construction, industrial steel chimney construction, refinery chimney construction and factory stack construction for various uses.   We can make alterations or build a new chimney based on their calculations, designs, and patents.

Capabilities: We repair lightning protection systems, aircraft warning light systems, and all safety-related equipment.  We are able to perform rigging and lifting of new stack sections into place, executed with crane companies we are familiar with.  Our crew operates in smokestack demolition, smokestack maintenance, smokestack construction, smokestack rigging, external and internal rope access smokestack inspection.  Sometimes we perform repairs at the same time as these inspections.  Continental Chimney has rebuilt smokestacks, chimney breaching, and gunite chimney linings in industrial chimneys.

Attention to Detail:  Each job is given personal care and attention to every detail and safety concerns by the owners of the company.  The variables that need to be considered and the solutions proposed should be with the help of an experienced smokestack contractor.  And these areas of expertise also need to include what has to do with your location as well.  A commercial chimney company will be more helpful than a refinery smokestack company if they don’t like to contract work in places like Manhattan.  Our goal is to provide quality services which are cost effective, what is needed, professional, and enduring the test of time.  The crew that performs our industrial chimney and smokestack work include the oversight of the company owners, Donald Perry and Joshua Perry. Donald Perry has 30 years of experience in industrial chimney jobs.

Safety Concerns: Continental Chimney LLC  personnel are fully experienced and aware of standard industrial boiler chimney rigging practices in order to address any kind of high angle rigging and or high angle rescue.  Our workplace standards demand that everyone be tied in at all times to adequate anchors engineered to support a fall from any location.  There are a variety of concerns that need to be understood by industrial smokestack contractors.  For example, commercial stack contractors often have to work in places where dust control is a great concern.  What works well in a steel mill may not work in a city around people.  Concrete smokestacks need to be dismantled effectively with very heavy weight hitting impact hammers where time and methods are of the greatest concerns.  Factory chimneys often have concerns with sensitive pipes and tanks nearby containing various chemicals.  Refinery Smokestacks have additional concerns with plant operations while the stack is in use.  Hospital and power plant chimneys have very limited shutdown periods.