smokestack Construction

Steel Smokestack Construction, Commercial Chimney Installation:

We can build you a brick or concrete chimney.  For steel smokestack installation, there is a number of options. For refractory steel stacks and Industrial chimney fabrication, and for many applications, Suscon Stacks, as well as other companies we work with, can fabricate an industrial steel chimney that we can install to meet your needs.

Suscon Stacks of Maryland [ ] is a leading refractory smokestack manufacturer and commercial smokestack fabrication shop. Their top-quality refractory chimneys and materials have been around since 1969.

Industrial smokestack construction may be able to take place near to your work-site or in a fabrication shop.   Cutting shipped to a plant where assembly can take place can be an important concern.

For concrete smokestack construction we prefer to use a slip form method.

Some industrial smokestack construction jobs have to do with smokestack fabrication for replacing part of a chimney.  In this case, we use qualified crane companies to move stack sections into place.  Some jobs have to do with partial radial brick chimney construction.  For these jobs, there have to be bricks of a few specially made size radial bricks on hand prior to the start of the job for this kind of construction to take place.

 International Committee for Industrial Chimneys:

The certification authority Zertifizierung Bau e.V. certifies that the Association
CICIND (Comit International des Cheminy Industrielles)

International Committee for Industrial Chimneys
Talacker 50, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland has developed and implemented a Quality Management System in compliance with D IN  EN  I S O  9 0 0 1 (Version 2008) for the International Technical Development for Planning Construction Operation  of Industrial Chimneys

This applies to the Governing Body, the Technical Committees and the Secretary Preussenstra 11 40883 Ratingen, Germany

This certificate is valid through 13.04.2013
Zertifizierung Bau e.V.  Kronenstra 55  58  D-10117 Berlin, Germany.

Continental Chimney works with various chimney engineers and fabrication shops who fabricate new steel chimneys. We also can build radial brick chimneys, and concrete chimneys.

Smokestack liner construction