Radial Brick Manufacturer

We are an experienced source of quality structural clay and shale bricks.

Continental Chimney And Engineering Corporation uses local clay resources for brick made from shale for red, or clay for buff. Our stack bricks are radial and acid-resistant.

In over 105 years our brick manufacturing company has amassed a huge number of various die and reels that allow extrusion and cutting of numerous products that can answer any architect’s requirements, fill a specialty industrial application, and many times, meet a match requirement in size and shape of an existing brick for additions and repairs.

As of 2014 Continental Chimney And Engineering Corporation is now the sole domestic producer of smokestack radial bricks:  

  • Time tested
  • History proven
  • Complete range of sizes
  • All stack dimensions
  • Exceed ASTM C279

Continental Chimney is the only manufacturing company of high-quality radial chimney bricks. We went into the brick business so we could rightly serve our customers with quality materials. Our radial brick chimney bricks have the following advantages:

  1. Our smokestack bricks have colors that vary slightly between buff and red, and in my opinion the colors should be suitable for repairs on either buff or red chimneys. So there is no need to order two pallets of bricks for your repairs. This will save on space and money.
  2.  Our bricks do not crack easily. The holes are round, not square, and smaller than industrial standards for peanuts.  We use this design because the historically typical large peanut 3 hole design (although it does make use of approximately 12.7% more material than the B22 and other larger size chimney brick) cracks far too easily, sometimes with many falling apart before they make it to the job on the pallets. Or after installation, in some instances, hair line cracks have been found in the bricks on our repairs. Therefore, to repair a crack in a chimney, or to replace missing bricks, these bricks are best suited for this job.
  3. Because these bricks are typically being replaced in areas where water damage is a problem, the small holes will not fill up with water in freezing temperatures to crack the bricks.
  4. Our bricks are a little shorter than the typical peanuts, to accommodate replacement of smaller sized bricks by all manufacturers, yet not too short to be used to replace a larger size peanut.
  5. Our slightly smaller industrial chimney brick with smaller holes are quicker and easier to use in replacing a peanut the same size or bigger.
  6. Because of the smooth finish and non-reactive materials in the bricks they are also acid resistant.
  7. These industrial chimney bricks are stronger then our red shale bricks. These are clay bricks, a sample has been tested over 15,000 PSI, and these bricks will exceed the ASTM standards.

Below  are  two styles of brick.  The lighter brick is  now  considered  obsoltete for repair work.