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Continental Chimney And Engineering is a Company that specializes in power, industrial and commercial high rise Chimney repair. We perform jobs in New York City, New Jersey, and all 50 states as well as overseas. The foundation of our success is achieved by promoting commitment, providing quality service, innovation and consistency exceeding the expectations of our customers. We share your concerns to provide honest work that meets your needs. Our goal is to leave you with repairs that last the life of your chimney and go beyond the industry standards in safety and service with experienced engineers and technicians. We believe the job we do for you is central to representing our place in this industry.

Our Smokestack Company works Smokestack Contracting in all 50 states and abroad. The button below will lead you to a list of our industrial chimney jobs our industrial chimney company has completed.

We are an Industrial Chimney Contractor, Commercial Chimney Company:
We have worked exclusively as a Smokestack Company since 1989.

Solutions: Continental Chimney & Engineering was incorporated in 1989 by David Perry, Helen Perry, and Donald Perry. Over the years since we started our industrial chimney business as industrial chimney contractors doing different kinds of jobs on chimneys, Continental Chimney has provided innovative and efficient solutions to build, repair and piecemeal-dismantle industrial chimneys and smokestacks. In our experience working as smokestack contractors, we have learned that industrial chimneys are subject to stresses from temperature change, chemicals, wind loading, and potentially different kinds of seismic events. This can result in hairline splits, and shrinkage-expansion cracks, spalling, and chimney liner deterioration. These kinds of problems should be addressed immediately, even minor problems should be repaired before they can turn into expensive repairs. The above is true with every kind of chimney, be it a commercial smokestack or a refinery smokestack. As a commercial and industrial chimney contractor, over the years Continental Chimney And Engineering has tested different kinds of common solutions for chimney repairs and found the better innovative and efficient solutions to build, repair and piecemeal-dismantle industrial chimneys and smokestacks.

Maintenance Plans: An improperly maintained factory chimney can lead to factory shutdowns due to safety hazards on the outside or an obstruction on the inside from a collapsed liner or fly-ash build up. Having a proper factory smokestack maintenance plan is the best solution to avoid expensive problems. Industrial Chimneys should be inspected every two years with binoculars or a drone. But if the chimney has not had a hands-on inspection for a long period of time it is best to find a chimney company to perform a hands-on inspection with some tools to determine what is the exact extent of the repairs that are needed. Without a proper inspection by what OSHA calls the “Competent and Qualified” person, a chimney cannot be properly evaluated for bidding and repairs. An experienced chimney company can identify problems quickly and easily, to come up with a comprehensive commercial chimney maintenance program (such as for a 2′ diameter chimney inside a New York City skyscraper) or industrial chimney repair plan (such as for a 200′ tall freestanding chimney in a steel mill). And they should be able to find a way to do these repairs that are within your yearly budget.

A word of warning, this is not the case when a factor or building owner decides to contact their engineers who are not familiar with chimneys. This has lead companies with smokestack problems more often than not in the wrong direction. The typical engineer does not have the experience to know what to look for nor understand what the problem is about that they are looking at and the correct way to fix these problems. One example of this that we found was for a VA hospital in Pennsylvania where we bid a demolition job put together by 5 of their engineers as well as a well known highly respected industrial engineer with a great reputation. All these engineers who were not experienced in the industry put demands on the chimney contractors and made it impossible to do any work because they wanted to protect themselves not understanding what was safe and what wasn’t. They could not understand what would happen for demolition on their 250′ chimney when bricks were dropped down the inside. Could the bricks damage the walls and cause a collapse? Would an opening to remove bricks in the base of the chimney weaken this structure significantly? What method should be allowed or avoided at all costs? Can chimney scaffolding chimney companies have been using historically since radial chimney bricks were invented be used on an industrial chimney? What was happening was that these engineers were needed to rethinking the industry from scratch because they did not have the experience to know what to do. The engineers made a lot of money but nothing got done. Another thing that happens with the engineers who are unfamiliar with chimney work is that they want to do costly repairs that have nothing to do with what is the real underlying problem. They do not know where to start the inspection or what to look for, and when they do find the cause they pass by it not realizing what the chimney is telling them. Industrial chimneys, although they look very simple, are in fact very complex structures.

For over 25 years Continental Chimney and the engineers and professionals we use who are familiar with the industry have been keeping up with innovative studies about masonry radial brick smokestacks, industrial concrete chimney repairs as well as every kind of work that has to do with chimneys. Continental chimney is the only manufacturer in the United States for industrial smokestack bricks, and this has given us the opportunity to become familiar with other chimney companies and their solutions to various structural problems.

Our Engineers: We have engineers whom we use who are knowable of different kinds of smokestack construction: powerhouse chimney construction, powerhouse smokestack and industrial steel chimney construction, refinery chimney construction and factory smokestack construction.

Our engineers are familiar with these kinds of all kinds of chimneys maintained and built by an industrial chimney company. We can make alterations or build a new chimney based on their calculations, designs, and patents.

Capabilities: We repair lightning protection systems, aircraft warning light systems, and all safety-related equipment. We are able to perform rigging and lifting of new fabricated chimney sections into place, executed with crane companies we are familiar with. Our crew operates in smokestack demolition, smokestack maintenance, smokestack construction, smokestack rigging, external and internal rope access for smokestack chimney inspection. Sometimes we are able to perform the immediate nessasry repairs at the same time as the chimney inspection. Continental Chimney has rebuilt smokestacks and chimney breaching and preforms gunite chimney lining in industrial chimneys.

Attention to Detail: Each job is given attention to every detail and safety concern by the owners of our company. The variables that need to be considered and the solutions proposed should be made with an experienced smokestack contractor. The most important part of any chimney job is to have a professional chimney inspection or smokestack inspection from a company experienced in chimney repairs. And the understanding of the location where the chimney is located is just as important. A commercial chimney company will be more helpful than a refinery chimney company if they are unfamiliar with contracting work in places like Manhattan, experience not a degree is what is essential for a chimney inspection.

Our goal is to provide quality services that are cost-effective, only what is needed meeting industry standards, and what will endure the test of time. The crew that performs our industrial chimney and smokestack work include the oversight of the company owners, Donald Perry and Joshua Perry. Donald Perry has 30 years of experience in our industrial chimney projects as well as projects done by other companies.

Safety Concerns: Continental Chimney And Engineering personnel are fully experienced and aware of standard industrial boiler chimney rigging practices in order to address any kind of high angle rigging and or high angle rescue. Our workplace standards demand that everyone is tied in at all times to adequate anchors engineered to support a fall from any location. There are a variety of concerns that need to be understood by industrial smokestack contractors. For example, commercial chimney contractors often have to work in places where dust control is a great concern when performing a chimney demolition. What works well in a steel mill may not work in a city. A concrete smokestack needs to be dismantled effectively in a chimney demolition job with very heavy weight hitting impact hammers where time and methods are of the greatest concerns. Factory chimneys often have concerns with sensitive pipes and tanks nearby containing various chemicals, especially when performing a steel smokestack demolition. Refinery Smokestacks have additional concerns with plant operations while a boiler smokestack is in use. Hospital and power plant chimneys have very limited shutdown periods. Being familiar with a verity of these situations is helpful in knowing what the correct procedure is to implement correct safety measures.

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