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Smokestack Inspection, Repair, Maintenance, Demolition, Industrial Chimney Inspection

Piecemeal dismantlement two 150 foot chimneys competed in 4 weeks.
River Terminal South Kearny, New Jersey.

Extensive welding repairs inside 20" Dia. X 150' foot smokestacks.
U.S. Social Security Administration, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Continental Chimney is an Industrial Chimney Contractor,
Commercial Chimney Company:
Smokestack Company since 1989

Continental Chimney And Engineering specializes in power plant, industrial, and commercial high rise Chimneys. We work in New York City, New Jersey, and all 50 states, as well as overseas. We perform inspection, repair, piecemeal dismantlement (demolition), and construction of industrial chimneys and smokestacks.

We believe that the foundation of our success is achieved by promoting commitment, providing quality service, innovation and consistency exceeding the expectations of our customers. We share your concerns and provide honest work with experienced technicians that will meet your needs. Our goal is to leave you with repairs that will extend the life of your chimney that will go beyond the norm of industrial chimney standards.

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In 1989 Continental Chimney was incorporated by David Perry, PE. Our first power customers were PSEG in New Jersey and Con Edison in Manhattan, NYC, NY. Over the years since its conception, Continental Chimney has found new, innovative, and efficient solutions to build, repair and piecemeal-dismantle industrial chimneys and smokestacks safely and quickly.

The Work:

Industrial chimneys are subject to many kinds of stress, from temperature, precipitation, chemicals, wind loading, and seismic events. As a result over time as these structures age, they develop hairline cracks in masonry and spalling on the outside shell. On the inside there is deterioration of the chimney liner and walls that can be more or less adverse depending on conditions.

The Inspection:

If an owner has an inspection repair plan in place, problems can be addressed in a timely manner, minor problems can be repaired before they turn into expensive repairs. Postponing necessary inspections and repairs is proven not to be a cost-effective solution. Unlike other structures, an industrial chimney or a factory smokestack needs a hands-on inspection done at least once every 5 years due to adverse conditions. Inspections should be carried out only by an OSHA “Competent and Qualified” Person, so that there can be a proper evaluation for bidding and repairs. In this way repair solutions can be found that will be most effective.

Effective Solutions:

As a commercial and industrial chimney contractor for 30 years Continental Chimney has researched and tested different kinds of common solutions as well as invented and tested new ways to correct industrial chimney problems. As a result, we have been able to successfully find innovative and very efficient solutions for building, repair, and piecemeal dismantlement.


We like to say that we do not do demolitions, we piecemeal dismantle. The same way chimneys are built one small piece at a time is the way we dismantle them. When a chimney is demolished suddenly this creates a great deal of liability in a seismic event, as well as sending toxic dust into the atmosphere. If the chimney is near a town an experienced company can provide information as to whether such a project may or may not be advisable.

Maintenance Plans:

A properly maintained factory chimney can avoid factory shutdowns and safety hazards. These safety hazards can be on the outside due to a weakness in the shell. Shutdowns also happen if there is an obstruction on the inside from a collapsed liner or fly-ash build up.

Having a proper factory smokestack maintenance plan is the best solution to avoid unforeseen and expensive maintenance problems.


Contracting engineers who are not experientially familiar with chimneys is a mistake. Engineers who are not familiar with the industry assume many things, either too much or too little wasting time, money, and materials. Many will do the city required façade inspection on an industrial smokestack and then invent a repair plan without ever looking inside the chimney. It is always better to find a chimney company that can provide personnel who are experienced in the industry rather than find an engineer who can contact a chimney company. There is an ongoing history of these kinds of mistakes that owners have experienced within our industry.

We have engineers whom we use who are knowledgeable of different kinds of smokestack construction: powerhouse chimney construction, powerhouse smokestack and industrial steel chimney construction, and factory smokestack construction. Our engineers are familiar with these kinds of chimneys maintained and built by industrial chimney companies. They can approve alterations or build a new chimney based on their former experience. Some of these engineers have various designs and patents in the industry.


Continental Chimney is the only manufacturer in the United States for industrial smokestack bricks. As a result, this has been an opportunity for us to become familiar with other chimney companies and their solutions to various repair and structural problems on their projects.

The Structures We Work On Are Limited To:

Smokestacks, Industrial Chimneys, Masonry Chimneys, Steel Smokestacks, Silos, Water Tanks, Lighthouses.


  • Lightning protection systems
  • Aircraft warning light systems
  • Safety-related and access equipment
  • LNew fabricated chimney sections
  • “Demolition” piecemeal dismantlement
  • Structural Analysis
  • Lettering and Logos
  • Sandblasting
  • Water-blasting
  • Steel Caps and Rain-hoods
  • Core Sampling
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Partial Demolition and Rebuilding
  • Access Platform Installation
  • Ladder Installation
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Emissions Test Ports
  • Welding
  • Clean Out Doors and Frames
  • Waterproofing
  • Guy Wires
  • Masonry Cleaning

  • Inspections external and internal
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Repairs
  • Remote “Hot” Camera Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Engineering and Design
  • Tuckpointing
  • Crack and Spall Repair
  • Coatings
  • Sealants
  • Refractory Linings
  • Brick Linings
  • Lining Bands
  • Temporary Bypass Stacks
  • Stack Extensions
  • Safety Gates
  • Target Walls
  • Baffles
  • Insulation and Packing
  • Expansion Joints
  • Breeching Ducts

Attention to Procedure:

Each job is given attention to every detail and safety concern by the owners of our company. We understand the variables, proposed solutions, and plans need to be made by an experienced smokestack contractor who can oversee and be responsible the work.

The most important part of any chimney repair is to have a professional chimney inspection from a chimney company experienced in chimney repairs, who has records of the success or failure of different kinds of repairs within the industry. Understanding the history of chimney repairs is vital to knowing what to look for in an inspection as well as to make any recommendations for repairs.

Our goal is to provide quality services that are cost-effective exceeding industry standards, that will endure the test of time.

Our Concern For Safety:

Proper training: Continental Chimney has its own training course and regulations that combine OSHA and SPRAT tailored to industrial chimneys and smokestacks. As required, all our workers are trained in fall protection and proper PPE. We regularly conduct OSHA training courses in our facilities; we believe regular safety toolbox talks, safety meetings, and training is a key factor to maintaining a safe worksite and eliminating work hazards.

Experience: Continental Chimney And Engineering personnel have 50 years of experienced in the industry. We are aware of current standard industrial boiler chimney rigging practices. We can address any kind of high angle rigging, or high angle rescue.

Qualifications: Our inspectors Donald Perry and Joshua Perry operate as the OSHA "Competent Person" 29 CFR 1926.32(f) and "qualified person" OSHA 29 CFR 1926.32(m) regularly preform our inspections in the industrial chimney and smokestack industry. Our inspection recommendations are based on over 90 years of inspecations and repairs.

Proper planning: We use engineered work and rescue plans in place that apply specifically to industrial chimney safety.

Tie-In: Our workplace standards always demand that everyone be tied in to adequate anchors engineered to support a fall (5000 pounds) from any location. Safety First is a job to make Safety First—we realize this and take the time to engineer safe work environments.

What to look out for: There are a variety of concerns that need to be addressed by the industrial smokestack contractor to create a safe worksite. What may seem to be a small problem can turn into a big problem. Small things matter. For example, commercial chimney contractors often must work in places where dust control is a great concern. What works well in a steel mill will not always work well in the city.

What to remain aware of: Factory chimneys often have concerns with sensitive pipes and tanks nearby. Smokestacks have additional concerns with plant operations while a boiler smokestack is in use. Hospital and power plant chimneys have limited shutdown periods. Being familiar with a variety of these situations is important in knowing what the correct procedure is to implement to provide the correct safety plan that must be followed by crewmen.