industrial chimneys

Your industrial chimneys are vital to keeping your workplace, plant, or warehouse safe for both you and your employees. This is because smokestacks and commercial chimneys are responsible for regulating the air in your working environment, removing toxins from the air, and preventing possible dangers associated with production or manufacturing. By keeping them well maintained and fully functioning, you’ll be keeping you and your employees safe and healthy. Use these tips to keep your industrial chimneys in top shape for as long as possible.

Stick To An Inspection Schedule

One of the easiest ways to avoid problems and damage with your commercial chimneys is to stick to regular maintenance schedules. By checking your industrial chimneys frequently and consistently, you’re more likely to catch signs of damage before they become a problem. Binocular inspections of smokestacks should occur once a year. Full height interior and exterior hands on inspection should be done every three years. However, inspections can be done more frequently if you suspect something may be wrong.

Repair Early, Maintain Often

It might be frustrating to temporarily shut down operations while repairs are made, but it’s better to repair damage to your smokestacks as soon as you notice something is wrong. Waiting too long to make repairs or perform routine maintenance could result in the damage worsening and causing serious failures in your industrial chimneys. These failures could be potentially dangerous to you and your workers, as well as being more expensive to fix. Instead, repair damage as soon as you recognize a problem.

Consult With Contractors

If you’re concerned about a component of your smokestacks or you think you might be overdue for a professional inspection, contact commercial chimney contractors. Contractors will have access to additional resources and can help you set up a thorough maintenance plan for your industrial chimneys, as well as letting you know if the problem is serious enough to need to demolish your smokestacks.

Properly maintaining your power plant, refinery, or other workplace smokestacks can keep you and your employees healthy and safe, as well as ensuring your facilities last in good repair for as long as possible. For more information on smokestack maintenance and commercial chimney contractors, contact Continental Chimney today.

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