commercial chimney repair

Did you know that atmospheric oxygen concentration that falls below 19.5% or rises above 23.5% can be dangerous or even fatal? That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to your industrial chimney. Unlike residential chimneys, industrial chimneys have the potential to make your building unsafe for hundreds or even thousands of people. Here are the signs that you may need a commercial chimney repair.

Smoke Gets Inside

You may need commercial chimney repair if smoke is getting inside your building. Smoking billowing inside could mean that you have a ventilation problem. You may just need to have an industrial chimney contractor clean out the buildup from the inside of the chimney lining. Buildup can create a narrow path and smoke won’t be able to escape upwards, which causes it to seep into the building. You may even need a new liner if the current one is damaged. A damaged liner can also cause smoke to enter the building.

Fires Go Out

If you notice that fires go out frequently, you may need industrial chimney repair. Fires that don’t stay lit also don’t produce much heat or may die out quickly. This often means that the firebox isn’t being cleaned out enough. You should schedule regular cleanings and keep up with repairs to fix the problem.

There’s a Damaged or Missing Cap

It can be difficult to see if your chimney cap is damaged or even missing unless you are on the roof of your building. But the cap is one of the most important components in ensuring that your chimney is safe. A damaged or missing cap can let fire or sparks escape onto the roof, which poses a fire threat. Animals — such as birds, squirrels, and rodents –can also get inside of your building or create blockages if the cap is broken or missing. A commercial chimney repair contractor can fix or replace the cap. It’s important to inspect the cap regularly to avoid these issues.

If you have a commercial chimney, watch for these telltale signs that you may need a cleaning or repairs. Having a regular inspection can help prevent future problems that could be dangerous or costly. Unlike a residential chimney, a commercial one is more complex and should be serviced by a professional.

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