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Industrial work never sleeps. Factories and production lines run all year, through all conditions, and at all times of day; your business’s success can hang by a thread if such work needs to be halted and delayed due to the condition of your commercial smokestacks. Failure to perform regular maintenance checks, both yourself and through the aid of a commercial chimney company, can risk productivity and cause profits to fall. As the brutal winter season approaches, be as prepared and as safe as possible by performing these three routine industrial chimney health checks.


  • Binocular Assessment: Considering the size of most smokestacks (there has been a boom in those over 500 feet within the last four years), binoculars are absolutely necessary to determine, right off the bat, the physical health of your chimney. They can identify the more obvious aspects of damage (such as cracks, splits, or crumbling concrete or brick) without requiring an in-depth look, and as a result, only need to be performed once a year.


  • Pressurewashing: One of the best ways to continually maintain the health of your smokestack is to pressurewash or hydroblast its surface every five years. The strength of the flow can eliminate any dirt or debris that has built up, which both reveals areas of damage more clearly and reduces the likelihood that such materials could penetrate — and therefore weaken — its concrete or brick surfaces.


  • Interior and Exterior Inspections: If binocular inspections offer a basic understanding of your smokestack’s condition, interior and exterior inspections provide up-close-and-personal examinations. The detail involved guarantees that no minute risks pass under the radar, and therefore should be performed routinely every three years.


Of course, you don’t (and shouldn’t!) have to do worry about performing all these checks and running your business; with a quick phone call, you can guarantee that a qualified commercial chimney company with years of experience searching for weaknesses that most put production, functionality, and safety at risk is on the way to your location. Trust the professionals this winter season; they’ll make sure you have nothing to be concerned about as the year comes to a close.


Don’t delay on these vital maintenance checks, call Continental Chimney at (201)991-7896 today.

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