commercialsmokestackNo building or structure is going to last forever, and that applies to your commercial smokestacks as well. Many people are choosing to construct new industrial chimneys for their work places in recent years. According to studies from the EPA and the Government Accountability Office, there has been an increase in U.S. smokestacks taller than 500 feet in the last four years. However, at some point, all of those chimneys will need to be taken down. Here are a few signs that it might be time to schedule your commercial smokestack demolition.

It’s Being Replaced

If you’re installing a new smokestack for your work place, refinery, power plant, or other facility, chances are the old one won’t be needed anymore. It’s best to remove an older, unused smokestack once a new one is in place, rather than leaving it to fall into disrepair over time. Eventually, if not maintained, old smokestacks can cause hazards, making it safer to ultimately remove them.

It Needs Excessive Repair

Has your commercial smokestack had multiple failures recently or does it constantly seem to be falling apart or needing repairs? That could be a sign that it’s time to reconstruct it from scratch. While installing a new industrial chimney might seem expensive, constant repair costs can add up quickly, making an updated smokestack more cost effective overall.

It’s Out Of Date

If your facilities were constructed decades ago, it’s likely your smokestack (as well as other areas of your work place) are out of date. Modern construction methods and features can improve upon your existing environment and ensure your smokestacks will last for decades to come with as little repair as possible.

It’s No Longer Needed

Businesses change, as do their production needs and work environment demands. If your current smokestack isn’t working to its full potential and is no longer needed to help your business achieve its goals, you might want to consider scheduling your smokestack demolition. This will help you avoid it falling into disrepair and becoming a hazard when it’s not being used.

Smokestack demolition can be complicated and requires a specialized team of contractors and experts in order to take it down properly. For more information on industrial chimney demolition or to speak to an industrial chimney contractor, contact Continental Chimney today.

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