Rightious Suppliers: There are more Important concerns involved with choosing suppliers than price: Your Best Choice for Supplier For Steel, Concrete, and Paint Suppliers are not nessasrlily who are the Least Expensive Suppliers!

Random Photo of what looks like a chemical plant.

Random Photo of what looks like a chemical plant."

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While most business owners are only concerned with the price they pay for the direct goods and services their suppliers offer what often is not considered is if your supplier always thinks the same way as you. An exsample of this happened to us when we know that maintaining their equipment and facilities are important, not everyone realizes just how dangerous it can be to skip regularly scheduled inspections. Regular inspections for maintenance or repair can sometimes be determined as an extra and unnecessary expense, but in fact, they’re crucial to you and your continued employees’ health and safety first. This is especially true of industrial chimney inspections and maintenance; these vital components of your workplace are responsible for keeping you on-line 24/7. Here are just a few of the dangers you risk when you forego regularly annual or 5 year industrial chimney inspection and maintenance.

Dangerous chimney leaks

One of the primary purposes of a chimneys is to insure clean regulated airflow and oxygen throughout your work environment. This concern can also be true for buildings where manufacturing or power production takes place. In these environments, your employees risk a lack of safe indoor air without a properly functioning industrial chimney. A chimney that is not regularly maintained can develop gas leaks, ether outside of the liner of the chimney or into the building. Or, when not properly maintained, there can be a build up of fly-ash or a liner collapse that can create back pressure in the system cutting off the flow of gas. A minimum "safe level" of oxygen is 19.5%. With low oxygen levels being the biggest cause of death in confined spaces, accurate oxygen level measurements have proven to be essential here. An chimney that is leaking gas into your facility is something over time could create worker health problems, this is something that business cannot afford to deal with.

Critical Structural Damage

Ignoring regular maintenance programs can lead to dangerous results. Without regular industrial inspections as part of your maintenance routine you may entirely neglect significant structural issues that arise over time. If unaddressed, these could ultimately require industrial chimney demolition, and it could lead to a put people's heath at risk.

Unplanned Shutdowns

Not all industrial chimneys that go without maintenance will have issues as dangerous gas leaks, structural problems, or loose material at the top of the chimney; however, that may not make the issue any less important. A lack of maintenance can lead to a unplanned shut-down. An inspection and maintenance appointment might seem like an extra expense at first, but it could ultimately help you save money on your operations.

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