The Successful Straightening of a Leaning Chimney

LEANING CHIMNEY: 1855 case #1

Manufacturing plant and leaning chimney.

Coal Plant - 1855

Year 1855 - straightening an old chimney.

From: Tall Chimney Construction, A Practical treatise on the Construction of Tall Chimney Shafts by Robert M. Bancroft (Past President Civil and Mechanical Engineer’ Society, London, England). and Francis J. Bancroft (assistant Municipal Surveyor). 1855. Photo in article here is from another leaning chimney at the Alsdorf mine. Pages 126-127.

Straightening Chimney.–The octagonal brick shaft at Messrs. Matthews & Sons’ Works, as above [similar chimney described], built 1862, and 132′ high, gradually settled from its upright position until in 1875 it was found to be 3′ 10″ at top from the perpendicular. Mr. H. J. Taylor, of Nailsworth, assisted by three workmen, undertook to straighten the shaft, by means of cutting out one course of bricks on the five sides opposite to the inclination, inserting a thinner course in its place, and letting the stack regain its upright position by the action of gravitation. A platform was erected about 40′ from the base, and the walls, which at this height were 2′ in thickness, cut through by means of hammers and chisels. As the bricks were removed a thinner course was substituted, and the space above filled with iron wedges. This work lasted three weeks, the weather being most unfavorable. The chimney stood the operation well. When everything was in readiness the wedges were withdrawn, and the stack settled to within an inch or two of the perpendicular. It had been calculated that 1/4″ would bring the stack back 7″ at top, so that the difference in the thicknesses of the courses had to be 1 5/8″. The cost of a new shaft was estimated at £800, and the old one was straightened at about one-tenth this amount, and is still working satisfactorily.

Drawoing of a leaning chimney out of plumb.

Coal Plant - 1855"

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