Top World Record Chimneys: Still Standing, Tallest Smokestacks of History


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The following world's tallest chimneys and smokestacks covers the record breaker chimneys of the world - that are still standing. Some of them are not in working order. To see the current top list of standing chimneys in the world, see this blog: Top Tallest Chimney's in the World.

#9 at 312 Feet: Adams' Soap Works Chimney


Tall Chimney Construction: Adams' Soap Works Chimney

Adams' Soap Works Chimney in Birmingham, England, stands (or once stood?) at 97.5 meters or 312 feet, making it the 9th tallest record breaker chimney in the world, possibly current standing, chimney in the world. Built in 1835 it held the world record until 1842. Although a photo cannot be found (send one in if you have it!), the details were recorded in a book called "Tall Chimney Construction" by R.m. Bancroft and F.J. Bancroft.

#8 at 459 Feet: The Halsbrücker Esse Chimney


The Halsbrücker Esse Chimney

The Halsbrücker Esse Chimney takes place at #8 at 140 meters, or 459 feet tall. Located in Halsbrücke, Germany it held the world record from 1889 to 1908. In German, Esse means smokestack. It is currently the tallest brick structure in Europe and stands as a historical monument.

#7 at 511 Feet: The Hitachi Smelter and Refinery Stack


The Hitachi Smelter and Refinery Stack

Though there is some news about this chimney undergoing some collapse in 1993, we are landing this stack at #7 on our list, at an original height of 155.7 meters or 511 feet. Located in Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan, the Hitachi Smelter and Refinery Stack was built in 1914 and held the world record of the highest chimney in the world from then to 1916. The rapid growth of the Hitachi Mine caused intense pollution. This stack alleviated the smoke and pollution in 1914. Do you think they will fix this chimney? If you have any recent photos please send it in!

#6 at 585 Feet: The Anaconda Smelter Stack


The Anaconda Smelter Stack

Coming up at number six, largely due to how many taller stacks have since been demolished, stands the Anaconda Smelter Stack located in Anaconda, Montana USA. It stands at 178.3 meters or 585 feet tall. It is also the tallest masonry structure worldwide, made of brick. It was built in 1918 and held the word record for the tallest chimney in the world from it's completion until 1937. The terra cotta that covered the top section of bricks has been lost over the years. It even has it's own two viewing lookouts, called the Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park.

#5 at 637 Feet: INCO Copper Cliff Nickel Refinery Stack


The Vale Smelter: The INCO Cooper Cliff Nickel Refinery Stack

Just a ten minute drive from the INCO superstack (#2 on our list), is the INCO Cooper Cliff Nickel Refinery Stack, located in Sudbury, Canada. Reaching 194 meters, or 637 feet into the sky, this stack lands at the fifth tallest current standing chimney in the world. Built in 1954 it held the world record until 1962.

#4 at 820 Feet: The Kashira Power Plant Chimney


The Kashira Power Plant Chimney

Built in 1966, the Kashira Power Plant Chimney held the world record for the tallest chimney from 1966 to 1967 just before other taller chimnies were built, and later demolished. The Kashira Chimney is now fourth tallest in the world at 250 meters or 820 feet. Located in Kashira, USSR (now Russia), continues to for the coal-fired power plant. it has a capacity of 1,910 MW and a heating capacity of 533MWt. Interestingly, one of the smokestacks on the plant serves as an electricity plyon!

#3 at 1,206 Feet: The Mitchell Power Plant Chimney


The Mitchell Power Plant Chimney

Still the tallest freestanding chimney in the Southern USA, the Mitchell Power Plant Chimney is located in Moundsville, West Virginia. It was built in 1971 to serve the coal fired power plant. It held the record for the worlds tallest chimney from 1968 to 1971.

#2 at 1,250 Feet: The Inco Superstack


Inco Superstack

Located in Sudbury, Ontario, at the Vale Cooper Cliff Complex, this super stack measures 381 meters or 1,270 feet. It is the tallest chimney in Canada, and the second tallest chimney in the world. Built 1970, the chimney served The Copper Cliff smelter, dispersing sulphur gases and other pollutions. This stack freed the local eco system of pollution and damage. However, in pursuit of more energy efficient stacks, the Superstack is currently under review for demolition… So, enjoy the view while you can! It held the worlds tallest chimney record from 1971 to 1987.

#1 at 1,377 Feet: Ekibastuz GRES-2 Power Station


Ekibastuz GRES-2 Power Station

Located in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan, this stack measures 419.7 meters or 1,377 feet high. It was built between 1987 and 1993, beating the Inco Superstack in height. Since 1987 to today, it holds the record of being the highest chimney in the world. The power plant it serves also has the highest transmission voltage in the world of 1,150 kVAC.

Published January 2022

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