Chimneys and silos of a factory

Every workplace comes with its own set of hazards and dangers, whether it’s just a normal office setting or a busy warehouse. In manufacturing facilities, power plants, and more, smokestacks and commercial chimneys can cause their own host of problems unless special precautions are taken to keep them safe. Here’s how to make sure your commercial chimneys are as safe as possible in order to protect yourself and your workers.


  • Light It Up: If your commercial chimney contractor designed your smokestacks especially tall, you might have dangers you haven’t yet considered. Given their height, smokestacks must be properly lit so that planes will see them. Since the exhaust can cover the lights, the lights must be five to ten feet below the top of the smokestack. Owners can also floodlight the smokestacks with fixed searchlight projectors.


  • Inspect Them Regularly: Smokestacks are vital to proper operation in workplaces that feature them, so keeping them maintained and operating at full capacity is essential. Make sure you schedule regular maintenance and inspections for your smokestacks with a commercial chimney contractor to keep them safely operational.


  • Proper Removal: If you’re moving to a new plant or warehouse and need to demolish your smokestacks, you’ll need to enlist the help of a professional. Because of their height, commercial chimneys can be difficult to demolish properly if your general contractor isn’t properly trained. Hiring a specialized commercial chimney contractor can make sure everyone involved in the removal of your smokestacks is kept safe.


Smokestacks are an important component of many productive, efficient warehouses, power plants, manufacturing facilities, and more. However, proper protections should be used when working with them or having them as part of a building. Otherwise, they have the potential to be dangerous. A skilled commercial chimney contractor can help keep you and your workers safe by providing you with additional safety measures and information.


Looking for a commercial chimney contractor to help you with your work environment? Contact Continental Chimney today for all your commercial chimney needs, including construction, demolition, safety inspections, and more. Using the right commercial chimney company can help you avoid safety issues with the smokestacks in your workplace.


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