Expensive vintage photo of leaning chimney.

Leaning Chimney:

Straightening an old chimney from 1855.

Tall Chimney Construction, A Practical treatise on the Construction of Tall Chimney Shafts by Robert M. Bancroft (Past President Civil and Mechanical Engineer'…

Photo of random cooling towers and chimneys in what appears to be Russia by Pixabay

Up In Smoke:

The Dangers Of Postponing Industrial Chimney Inspections And Maintenance.

While most business owners know that maintaining their equipment and facilities are important, not every Engineer realizes just how dangerous it can be to skip regularly scheduled industrial chimney inspections. Maintenance Inspection …

Photo of two buff brick chimneys in NY or NJ at a Papermil.

Why Or Why Not Inspections

The Dangers Of Postponing Industrial Chimney Inspections And Maintenance.

When working in the manufacturing sector or similar work environments, there are a wide variety of potential confined space hazards to contend with, including industrial chimneys. Smokestacks feature prominently in…

Mad River Power:

Why Did The Chimney Cross The Road?

This video concerns the demolition of the 275’ x 21’10” base diameter concrete chimney at the Ohio Edison Mad River Power Plant demolished in Nov 10, 2010 by by Advances…

Stop Work Meetings:

Why you need to stop working randomly.

You may be wondering why this construction worker is not tied in, or why this demolition job went wrong as it did seemingly unplanned. There is a secret to doing…

Top One Of Ten

Top Ten of the Worlds Tallest Chimneys.

First on our top Ten list is The Lead Smelter Chimney of American Smelting and Refining Co, El Paso, Texas, USA In 1951 construction began rising this tall beast to…

Felling a Chimney:

Free Fall Felling Without Underpinning

Demolition of a 50-meter chimney in the last part of the former Benar textile factory in 2018. “Due to arsenic accumulation, Aquatest Praha hired could not use explosives and chose…

Certificate of Compliance to Vermont be Smart:

CROSS STATE TRAVEL Effective June 8th, Vermonters may travel outside of Vermont to counties across New England and New York that have a similar active COVID-19 caseload to Vermont and…

Gold Mesa

This is a photo of the Gold Mesa Chimney. Engineers have been presented with a most formable challenge, which is to restore this chimney back to a safe and solid…

Demo At Height:

Felling A Chimney Above Ground Level

The planned demolition of a silo in southern Denmark on April 6th went spectacularly wrong when the structure fell in the opposite direction as intended. Nobody was injured as the…

Advertisement for our Covid 19 Contracting:

We remain vigilant

June 10th 2020, Continental Chimney COVID-19 Plan and Response. To our valued clients and customers, Continental Chimney is continuing to monitor the evolving guidance and best safety practices regarding COVID-19…

Our Covid Plan

Continental Chimney Covid 19 Construction Company Plan

Continental Chimney Company LLC Adapted AGC/VT Sample Plan for COVID-19. Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Every construction project is different. What is feasible and appropriate for any one project depends…

Lightning Damage:

Lightning Cable Maintenance: Statistics:

A single lightning strike can deliver up to 100 million volts of electricity and hit a structure with the force comparable to that of a…

Rusting Rebar!:

Information on rusting rebar within chimneys

Chimney Rust Repair Fundamentals: Arresting Column Expansion Wall Cracks From Rust: As chimneys age they experience changes from weather: moisture, freeze and thaw cycles, temperature changes on the inside…

Photo of Smokestack in Europe Trbovlje Power Station Slovenia.

RedBull Rents Smokestack

Climbing Europes Tallest Chimney:

Europe’s tallest chimney has been transformed into world’s tallest artificial climbing route. This unused chimney …

Rightious Suppliers:

There are more concerns involved with choosing suppliers than price.:

Your Best Choice for Supplier For Steel, Concrete, and Paint Suppliers are not nessasrlily who are the Least Expensive Suppliers!

Photo Apprentace Chimney Sweep

The Industrial Age And Children

The Apprentice Chimney Sweep

Apprenticeships, which allowed children to be trained in the trade so they could work, also allowed businesses cheap labor. Thus, the gainful partnership was informally practiced throughout history, even though apprenticeships may lend themselves to severe abuse.

Chimney in foreign state, possibly Pennsylvania?

Time to Call / Under Construction!

Signs It Might Be Time To Call An Industrial Chimney Contractor

If you work in manufacturing or other commercial spaces, it's likely been a long time since you've given much thought to your chimneys or smokestacks. However, it's important to keep…

Photo of ManufactuManufacturing plant in Canada.

Three Steps: / Under Construction!

The Safe Way To Bring Down A Smokestack.

Industrial work is very safety-conscious, and for good reason: from toxic fumes to vast heights, the employees and their managers must exercise every precaution to ensure that no one becomes…

Unknowned chimney at unknown location.

Class 1, 2, 3, inspections. / Under Construction!

Industrial Smoke Stack Inspection

Did you know that according to recent studies performed by the EPA and the Government Accountability Office, there has been an increase of smokestacks in the…

Does any know where this chimney is?

Safe As Possible / Under Construction!

Are Your Smokestacks As Safe As Possible?

Every workplace comes with its own set of hazards and dangers, whether it's just a normal office setting or a busy warehouse. In manufacturing facilities, power plants, and more, smokestacks…

Steel chimney in foreign state, possibly Pennsylvania?

Smokestack Dismantlement / Under Construction!

Piecemeal Smokestack Dismantlement: How Does It Work?

Taking down a smokestack or industrial chimney is no small feat, especially with how large some of them can be built. The Kennecott smelter, a smokestack built in 1974, is…