What is a basic outline for a Class I inspection, and who is qualified to perform such an inspection?

A Class 1 inspection is an inspection typically done by the boiler room operator with binoculars with some training material on chimney contracting or under specific inspection guidelines.

Binocular Inspection:

Binocular Chimney inspections must be done on Industrial Chimney’s and Industrial Smokestacks at least four times a year. This has to do with scoping the chimney for damage, deuteration, cracks and broken lighting rod down leads. The chimney cap and other attachments (such as the ladder and platforms) should also be inspected with binoculars.

Ground Observation:

Ground observation is an important part of any chimney inspection. Looking over the area around the base of the chimney can reveal of there has been any damage from weather or lighting strikes.

Lightning Cable Inspection:

The ground of a lightning cable system should be tested to make sure that the system works on a regular basis. Some systems do not need to be tested and are easy to inspect where they are directly attached to water pipes and other such grounding.

Water Leaks in Breach Inspection.

The breaching should be inspected to make sure water is not getting into the chimney. When water can get into the chimney breaching what can accumulate in the chimney and create extensive damage to the base of the structure. This is why breach leak inspection is very important in any inspection. A hose can be used to prove if the breaching is water tight or if it has leaks..