Industrial chimney smokestacks pluming the sky with thick clouds of smoke

Industrial smokestacks and chimneys are a fairly common sight in many types of workplaces, in every industry from manufacturing to energy and more. However, many people don’t think too often about these important pieces of infrastructure and could benefit from learning more about them. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about industrial chimneys to help you educate yourself on these components of industrial workplaces.

Why do some spaces need industrial chimneys?

Workplaces install industrial smokestacks to help manage workplace safety and conditions. Smokestacks allow gasses and other hazardous materials to be vented safely away from the workspace, helping to protect employees’ health and safety while on the job. Different spaces will have different requirement for their smokestacks, depending on what purpose they’re serving in the space and the workload they’re under. An industrial chimney contractor can help you determine your specific needs.

How often do I need my smokestack inspected?

Smokestacks will require several different types of inspection in order to be kept up to safety standards and regulations. Binocular inspections of smokestacks should occur once annually, where smokestacks are looked at from the outside for any signs of issues. Full height interior inspections, as well as hands-on exterior inspections that go beyond just a binocular check, should be done every three years. However, if you suspect that your smokestack may have a problem, additional inspections may be necessary to ensure employee safety.

How are smokestacks taken apart?

Because smokestacks tend to be incredibly tall structures, demolition can be complicated. Specific methods will vary depending on the material of the smokestack, the height of the smokestack, and how crowded the surrounding area is. Often demolition will involve some controlled explosion, however, in crowded areas or with certain materials, piecemeal smokestack dismantlement is the better option. If you have an old smokestack that needs to be taken down, contact an industrial chimney contractor to figure out the best method for your situation.

Industrial smokestacks are an essential part of many workplace environments and are responsible for the safety of countless workers on a daily basis. For more information on industrial smokestack inspection, demolition, and more contact Continental Chimney today.

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