Three red and white smoke stacks under going inspection

Smokestack Maintenance Prevention

Owning a commercial business means keeping the property well-maintained at all costs. This means even the most seemingly non-essential parts of your company — like the smokestacks for the refinery or warehouse — need special care and professional attention.

It’s recommended that all new smokestacks get inspected within 12 months of installation to make sure they are operating as they should. Whether you have had issues with a power plant chimney in the past of you have not had a visual inspection of the stack of your refinery or warehouse done in quite some time, maintenance matters in many ways. Learn how you can contribute to the safety and functional ability of your commercial business in having a greater understanding of why smoke stack maintenance prevention inspections are necessary.

You Prevent Dangerous Issues Before They Start

The health and welfare of your employees is important to you, and the main purpose of a smokestack is to provide healthy air quality for your refinery. You want to ensure your refinery chimney is safe and not emitting too much heat into the building or allowing chemical-laden smoke to go back into the air.

Periodic inspections are necessary to ensure the safety of your employees and to keep potentially dangerous problems, including fire and smoke damage, from occurring within your company’s walls. If you cannot remember the last time you had a smokestack inspection done, call your professional smokestack investigator to see if this procedure is long overdue.

You Help Preserve Your Existing Smokestacks Longer

You can get suggested maintenance coatings on your smokestacks if they are showing signs of wear or if their inner linings are starting to go. Coating your smokestacks helps prevent natural erosion, rusting, and wear and tear from constant use and heat exposure.

You can get repairs or remodeling done on these fixtures pending your smokestack inspection findings. Your specialist will let you know which repairs need to be made immediately, which can wait, and which ones are not truly a health or safety concern but may be related to cosmetic improvements.

You should always have smokestacks inspected by a professional licensed to do the job. A visual inspection of the stack can be done with binoculars on a periodic basis, but should not replace a regular maintenance check. Speak to your smokestack specialist to learn how to keep yours in great condition and longer knowing now the importance of smokestack maintenance prevention.

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