Three Coal Fossil Fuel Power Plant Smokestacks Emiting Carbon Dioxide Pollution

Industrial work is very safety-conscious, and for good reason: from toxic fumes to vast heights, the employees and their managers must exercise every precaution to ensure that no one becomes injured or (God forbid) dies on the job. Chimney demolitions, though they are performed to continuethat safety (such as if they are found to be dangerous or too damaged to continue standing), can be one of the riskiest jobs in the business — we’ve all seen those videos of smokestack demolitions resulting in crushed buildings and nuclear-level waves of smoke. In order to avoid the potential for disaster that accompanies chimney demolitions, your commercial chimney contractor should stick to the following two safety procedures.


Piece By Piece

If you are lucky enough to have a factory in the middle of nowhere, the classic dynamite demolition may not be a bad idea provided you’ve found an experienced and knowledgeable company to execute it. However, most industrial sites exist where they’re needed: in the middle of bustling cities. Big explosions are sure to cause more harm than good, especially when you don’t have the space to tolerate the landing.


Instead, consider piecemeal smokestack dismantlement. Though it will take more time to complete, taking apart your stack brick by brick or section by section is sure to be the safer option — for both your company and the neighboring communities.


Don’t Rush It

We know better than most that time is money. However, time is also what’s needed to safely carry out a piecemeal chimney dismantlement. The longer teams have to do the job, the lower the chances that an accident will occur; even something is (relatively) insignificant as dropping a single brick can cause damage when it hits the ground. It’s a much better idea to let the professionals handle the situation on their timetable, rather than yours.


Fortunately, thanks to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the number of workplace fatalities has decreased 80% since 1971. By committing to the care and patience that is required of piecemeal smokestack dismantlement, companies can ensure that no property or people are harmed during the process.

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