What is a Class II inspection?

Class II chimney inspections are inspections that are done hands with a man on the chimney testing the construction of the chimney with hand tool and other non-destructive equipment. These inspections are done by experienced professionals who have performed this kind of work on a regular basis for at least 5 years.

What is involved in a Class II inspection?

The following topics must be addressed in a Class II inspection:



The purpose of and subject of inspections

Who is the qualified person

Qualified Engineering review

What is not the qualified person

What is being inspected

Preparing for the inspection

Non-Destructive inspection tooling

Destructive inspection tooling

Class of Inspection

Class 1 Inspections

Class 2 Inspections

Class 3 Inspections

Class 3 inspections, Monitoring Chimney Conditions

Class 3 inspections, Other possible indicators in of this class of inspection

Preparing the Bid Request Documents

Inspection sample outline

Inspection List of what to inspect

An example of one of these topics on one of these topics is Column Mapping of cracks and spalling seen below.


  1. Total linear feet of hairline cracks _____________ .
  2. Total linear feet of cracks under 1/8 _____________ .
  3. Total linear feet of cracks under 3/8 _____________ .
  4. Total linear feet of cracks over 3/8 _____________ .

Estimated Crew Repair Time 1. 2. 3. 4.

  1. Total number of serious spalled areas ____________.
  2. Total number of minor spalled areas ______________.
  3. Total number of Spalls with exposed rebar ___________. Estimated Crew Repair Time A. B. C.
  4. Maps for Exterior Cracks N, W, S, E.
  5. Maps of Internal Cracks N, W, S, E.
  6. Maps of liner Cracks N, W, S, E.

Next month we will address other arias of concern for chimney inspection that are listed above.