Chimneys and silos factory with heavy smoke coming out of the chimney stacks

Chimneys and smokestacks are often vital structural components of many power production plants and other industrial facilities. How these structures operate subjects them to many factors that could cause them to deteriorate. Exhaust fumes, ashes, rain, and wind are just some of the factors that could lead to damage internally and externally. This is why it is important to have your industrial chimneys regularly inspected, in order to notice any flaws and make repairs as needed.


You will want to hire a professional company educated in industrial chimney maintenance. They will do a thorough assessment of the chimney and notice any potential for a future issue. These services will allow you to plan and prioritize repair for your industrial chimneys. Those industrial chimneys that are not well maintained can lead to safety hazards and factory shutdowns. Having a maintenance plan in place can help your factory work more efficiently and avoid expensive problems. Industrial chimneys should be inspected every year by binoculars or a drone. However, if your chimneys have not received a hands-on inspection for three years, then that will be the better option for stack inspection. Hire an industrial chimney inspection company or professional, not just an engineer. A professional company can provide you with a detailed assessment and inspection summary. They will also assist you by making recommendations on what needs to be repaired.


Hire a professional to repair your industrial chimneys. These professionals will be able to design and implement solutions to help fix the problems and integrate safety solutions. This will help to extend the life of your industrial chimneys. Chimneys that are no longer being used also need to be provided maintenance and repairs, as to not become a safety hazard. A professional can also provide a chimney demolition for those chimneys coming to the end of their service life. Professional industrial chimneys companies have access to a variety of controlled methods, which allows a safe and efficient demolition.

Continental Chimney and Engineering puts an emphasis on safety when it comes to maintaining and repairing industrial chimneys. Our crew is made up of a team of educated professionals dedicated to preplanning and assessing all areas of a project to ensure an efficient and safe outcome for every client.

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