industrial chimney repair

Choosing the right contractor for your industrial chimney repair is critical. There are not a lot of contractors that have the expertise to manage the repairs the right way. There is a wrong way and a right way when it comes to commercial chimney repair.


It takes experience, a specific skill set, the right equipment, and a serious commitment to safety to get the job done the right way. Doing your homework to ensure that you are choosing the industrial chimney repair contractor that can get the job done is important.


The EPA And Industrial Chimneys


The skyline in many large cities is dotted with long stacks that billow smoke out of them. Places like New York City have smokestacks (chimneys) that sometimes exceed a hundred years old. It is only natural that no matter how well-built those chimneys are that they are going to require industrial chimney maintenance, and industrial chimney repair. Even a new chimney should be inspected after the first 12 months for any maintenance needs.


The Environmental Protection Agency has very strict guidelines when it comes to repair, maintenance, and even industrial chimney demolition. Keeping in line with the rules of the EPA is critical to your business. Not every contractor is going to be able to ensure that everything is done up to code.


What happens if you choose the wrong contractor that does not follow EPA guidance? The fines and other sanctions fall on your business. There are 41 pages of regulations that affect how a chimney is built, maintained, demolished, and repaired listed by the EPA under regulation 62.1. The right contractor will be highly familiar with each rule and requirement.


Know Your Contractors Safety Record and Performance Record


Before you decide who will fix your chimney get to know your options. Learn more about the contractor that you are hiring. Look at their safety record. Review other projects that they have been involved in and those outcomes.


The right repairs will ensure that your operation can continue without issues. Chimney repair in an industrial setting must be done right, and it must be done up to code to ensure that everyone stays safe, and the environment is protected.


Learn more about what an experienced contractor has to offer and how your repairs can be done efficiently and reliably.

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