industrial stack inspections

You can keep production flowing by ensuring your smokestacks are in great condition. A smokestack failure can cause your business to lose money if these components need to be repaired or replaced. The best way to ensure they are working well within regulations and safety recommendations is to have industrial stack inspections scheduled on a regular basis. An industrial chimney company can ensure that any problems are identified and follow up with the repairs you need to keep your facility running seamlessly.

If you ignore the need for industrial stack inspections, you could cause potential problems that turn into structural failures and unplanned outages. An industrial chimney contractor is capable of completing any structural testing, inspections, and repairs needed by number of methods. These contractors work with many different materials including steel, fiber-reinforced polymer, concrete, and brick. Their industrial chimney inspection services are perfect for power plant stacks, manufacturing stacks, boiler stacks, along with a wide range of other types of smoke stack structures. Inspections should always be considered a part of any regular maintenance plan so your stacks are always in proper working condition.

What Do Industrial Stack Inspections Include?

In order to keep your stacks working efficiently and in line with current regulations, you need a smoke stack inspection that meets the highest standards in the industry. Ask about different types of inspections for smoke stacks, including chemical and structural analysis, photograph and video recordings, as well as concise and detailed inspection reports. There should also be recommendations for repairs that could be required.

If smoke stack internal surfaces are in satisfactory condition, you should receive a letter that there was no need for repairs or maintenance. The letter and inspection photographs should be submitted to you once inspections are completed. This is a part of industrial stack inspections that shows your stacks are in compliance and prove it.

OSHA: An Integral Part of a Stack Column Inspection

It is important that smoke stacks are in accordance with OSHA and their “Confined Space Regulations.” Inspection teams start a stack inspection by testing shaft interiors that need to be evaluated for safety prior to entry. The interior is analyzed and tested for safe levels of oxygen, confined space hazards, carbon monoxide, and combustibles. Once the interior is considered to be secure, entry is allowed so the inspection can continue.

If the interior is not safe, all hazardous conditions will be removed so the stack can be reevaluated for safety before trying to enter again. All inspection work is performed in accordance with standard industry practices set by OSHA. This keeps the premises and inspection teams protected.

What Are Some Top Inspection Recommendations?

It is recommended that binocular inspections of industrial smokestacks are performed once a year. An exterior hands-on and a full-height interior inspection should be completed every three years. Nothing beats a hands-on inspection even though today’s technology offers many options. The human touch cannot be duplicated or replicated when it comes to internal stack inspections. Maintenance should follow inspections including pressure washing that helps to ensure the longevity of stack columns.

What Happens Based on Inspection Findings?

Depending on the final conclusion of an inspection, you may need repairs or maintenance. If no maintenance or repairs are recommended immediately, it is always a good idea to discuss the prevention of future problems that come with the natural aging of smokestacks. When repairs are needed, they are typically assigned to a category based on how severe the damage is. The industrial chimney inspection company will discuss all of your options.

The goal of industrial stack inspections is to ensure your factory or plant is able to keep functioning efficiently with the use of safe industrial stacks. For more information on industrial stack inspections, please contact us today.

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