Two industrial chimney stacks in thick smoke

While many associate chimneys with jolly old Saint Nick, warm nights by the fireplace, and roasting marshmallows, they certainly have a much different use to plant managers and engineers.


An industrial chimney is responsible for keeping a plant running safely and properly. When such a heavy burden rests on this one piece of your power plant, it’s important to maintain your industrial chimney for a wide range of reasons.


Neglecting to do so can cause mayhem and dire repercussions which can cost you time, money, and lives.


Continue reading to learn about the importance of keeping your industrial chimney in tip-top shape year-round to keep your employees and production thriving.


Industrial Chimney Inspection Saves You Time


No plant manager or supervisor wants to halt production completely. Time is a valuable resource, and stopping production to fix an issue that could have been prevented early is a real possibility.


There are three categories of inspections, so speak with your contractor about which one would be most cost and time effective for your plant. Category I involves a quick visual inspection while the chimney is operating. Category II does require the chimney to be offline, in order to get a closer look. Lastly, Category III is the most time consuming subcategory but is typically only needed after a natural disaster to access the total damage done. They also are necessary to conclude what course of action needs to be taken for commercial chimney repair.


Keeping Your Costs Low


Damage to equipment has a sort of snowball effect. When something isn’t caught early, it may cost the plant two, three, or even four times as much to fix what started as a simple issue. A qualified contractor or inspector can catch these things in their early stages, keeping repair costs low.


It takes a lot of money to keep the plant running every single day. Costly repairs can add a significant number to that.


Keeping Your Employees Safe


Inspections are vital in keeping your employees safe. When they are so focused on doing their job, it may be easy not to notice when something is out of place—a broken rung on a ladder, for instance, can lead to a serious and even lethal fall.




Industrial chimneys are the heart of the plant.


They keep everything running smoothly. When you have such a vital piece of the plant generating so much energy every day, it’s important to implement regular maintenance checks to keep them in pristine condition.


By scheduling and conducting inspections with an industrial chimney contractor often, you won’t risk slowing down production—therefore saving your plant money and time—two of the most valuable things to a plant manager or supervisor.


Most importantly, you will also be keeping the lives of your workers in mind. A lot can go wrong around a faulty chimney.

So rest easy knowing you will be saving time, money, and keeping the lives of your workers safe.

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