Outside looking up at an industrial chimney for inspection

If your plant has a new smokestack, you might think that you won’t need to do much in the way of inspecting or fixing anything. However, did you know that a new smokestack needs to be accessed and inspected after only 12 months of service? This is to ensure anticipated performance under load. In fact, an industrial chimney inspection is crucial regardless of age. Here’s why.

Damage Happens to All Smokestacks

If you have a new smokestack, it will not be immune to damage. Wind, lightning, temperature fluctuations, gas, and corrosive acid can all affect industrial chimneys. An industrial chimney inspection, industrial chimney maintenance, and industrial chimney repair are necessary steps if you want your plant to continue to run efficiently. If you don’t, you could cause health and safety hazards in the surrounding area, which is why federal, state, and local regulations are so strict.

How to Care for New Smokestacks

To properly address any issues, you need to hire a dependable industrial chimney contractor right away, even if your smokestack is new. Each year, you will need a binocular inspection. Every three years, you will need a full interior and exterior inspection. Every five years, you need to have the smokestack pressure washed or hydroblasted. On top of that, you need to ensure that you stay on top of structural testing, safety compliance checks, and any necessary repairs to make sure that the structure doesn’t deteriorate.

Why You Need a Professional

You probably won’t be able to see damage to an industrial chimney. Smokestack liners, ladders, and other high areas can’t be seen from the ground and they are also the most susceptible to damage, even if they are new. A professional can inspect the top and all the hard to see areas with a rope access inspection. They will be able to evaluate the inside and outside of the entire structure. They can look for chemical damage, smoke damage, or acid damage. They can also look for any signs of deterioration.

How to Choose a Smokestack Contractor

To find a good smokestack contractor, you should look for one who specializes in industrial, power, and high rise chimney repair. They should know safety and health regulations for your area. You will want to hire a company that is communicative and provides prompt service.

Whether your plant’s smokestack is new or old, you should be getting a proper industrial chimney inspection, maintenance, and repairs. If you hire a professional, you can get ahead of any future problems that could potentially stop plant production.

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