piecemealsmokestackdismantlementTaking down a smokestack or industrial chimney is no small feat, especially with how large some of them can be built. The Kennecott smelter, a smokestack built in 1974, is by far the tallest man-made structure in Utah at 1,215 feet tall and 177 feet across. However, not all smokestacks are meant to last forever. Here’s how piecemeal smokestack dismantlement works for when an industrial chimney is too tall to demolish in other ways.

Planning For Demolition

Chimney demolition, especially industrial chimneys like power plant chimneys or refinery smokestacks, requires plenty of preparation in order to go smoothly. Plans need to be made to account for the height of the structure, the materials used, and even the materials that are frequently found at the facility. Otherwise, dangerous accidents could happen.

In order to make sure your smokestack is demolished properly, you’ll want to contact industrial chimney contractors to help you plan every step of the demolition process. If your chimney is large enough or if demolition could be potentially dangerous, piecemeal smokestack dismantlement may be necessary; this prevents issues that could be caused by the toppling of a large structure. This demolition method may also be necessary for more crowded or urban areas, where there isn’t enough space to safely demolish a smokestack using other methods.

Piece By Piece

Once a plan has been established, piecemeal smokestack demolition can begin. Industrial chimney contractors will take apart the smokestack one piece at a time; whether that’s brick by brick or segment by segment will depend on the height of your smokestack and the other details of the plan. Generally, the process will take a bit longer than a traditional explosion demolition, but the end result is a safer demolition process that protects workers and people in the area. Piecemeal smokestack dismantlement can be an incredibly effective and efficient way to safely taking apart a smokestack, especially in highly-populated areas or in cases where normal demolition isn’t possible.

In need of an industrial chimney contractor to help you take down a particularly large or dangerous smokestack? Contact Continental Chimney today for more information on how you can use piecemeal smokestack dismantlement to safely remove tall smokestacks in your workplace, as well as information on regular smokestack inspection.

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