We are your source for high quality structural clay and shale bricks.

As of 2014 Continental Chimney is now the sole producer of smokestack radial bricks:

  • We can offer a complete range sizes made to order.
  • All stack dimensions made to order.
  • Manufactured to exceed ASTM C279
  • Continental Chimney is the only company manufacturing high-quality radial chimney bricks.

We have quality bricks and offer a number of sizes, colors, and specks. Our repair radial brick chimney bricks have the following advantages:

  1. Our repair smokestack bricks have a color that vary slightly between buff and red, sometimes this color is suitable for repairs on either buff or red chimneys. Chimney’s are typically not made with the same color bricks, and typically our color bricks eliminate the need to order two pallets of different color bricks for your repairs. This saves on, time, space and money.
  2. For our repair bricks, they are made so as not to crack easily. The holes are round, not square, and smaller than industrial standard peanuts. We use this design because the historically typical large peanut three square hole design (although it does make use of approximately 12.7% more material than the B22 and other larger size chimney brick) cracks far too easily, sometimes with many falling apart before they make it to the job on the pallet. After installation, in some instances, hair line cracks have been found in the bricks on our repairs. Keep in mind that for repairs to repair a crack in a chimney, or to replace missing bricks, our bricks are best suited for the job.
  3. Because repair bricks are typically being replaced in areas where water damage is a problem, the small holes will not fill up with water in freezing temperatures to crack the bricks.
  4. Our bricks are a little shorter than the typical peanuts, to accommodate replacement of smaller sized bricks, yet not too short to be used to replace a larger size peanut.
  5. Our smaller holes are quicker and easier to use in replacing a peanut the same size because concrete does not fall out and get lost inside the brick. There is more brick and less air space.
  6. Because of the smooth finish and non-reactive materials in the bricks they are also acid resistant.
  7. These industrial bricks are stronger than red shale bricks we can offer. The repair bricks are clay bricks, a sample has been tested over 15,000 PSI, and these bricks will exceed the ASTM standards.
Radial Brick Manufacturer
Radial Brick Manufacturer

Above are two styles of brick. The lighter brick is now considered obsolete for repair work.

Radial Brick Manufacturer
Radial Brick Manufacturer

Continental Chimney is the only manufacturing company of high-quality radial chimney bricks.