Industrial chimneys and scaffolding at the Port of Rotterdam

If you work in manufacturing or other commercial spaces, it’s likely been a long time since you’ve given much thought to your chimneys or smokestacks. However, it’s important to keep them in mind; an improperly functioning chimney or smokestack could be a danger to you, your workers, and even the surrounding community. So how do you know if it’s time to contact an industrial chimney contractor? Read on to find out.


Regular Inspections


If it’s been a few months since you’ve had an inspection of the industrial chimneys and smokestacks in your workplace, you likely should call an industrial chimney contractor. Binocular smokestack inspections should occur once a year. Full height interior and exterior hands-on inspection should be done every three years. Of course, scheduling additional inspections in between these can be incredibly helpful and keep you from having to deal with broken or damaged smokestacks.


Additional Capacity


If your workplace is increasing its output or production levels in any way, make sure that your smokestacks and chimneys are able to keep up with the pace. If not, or if you’re concerned that one may break down and cause issues with the increased rate of operations, contact an industrial chimney contractor to plan for adding a new smokestack. Having chimneys that are able to keep up is absolutely necessary for the safety of workers on site, who may be hurt by the air quality if a new chimney isn’t added.


Damaged Chimneys and Smokestack Demolition


If a chimney needs to come down, you’ll want to contact a contractor right away. Because of the height of most industrial smokestacks, demolition can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. An industrial chimney contractor will be able to instruct on the proper ways to take down a smokestack, if it’s necessary, and keep you and your workers safe.


Looking for a contractor to help you with your commercial chimneys and smokestacks? Contact Continental Chimney today for information on smokestack inspections, construction, demolition, and more for your manufacturing or other industrial buildings. Continental Chimney can help keep you and your workers safe on the job by ensuring your chimneys and smokestacks are functioning properly at all times.

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