visual inspection of the stack

Sometimes, when things go wrong with your workspace, you know right away; a part might break down, some part of manufacturing gets interrupted, or an employee lets you know directly that something is wrong. However, not all safety and health issues are so readily apparent. Here are just a few problems to be on the lookout for when it comes to keeping your smokestacks safe for workers.

  • Cracks: When conducting a visual inspection of the stack, be on the lookout for any cracks or damage to the structure. Even small cracks can be signs of larger structural issues at work that can come up later on if left unaddressed. If you notice a crack or other signs of damage, contact an industrial chimney contractor as soon as possible; this will make sure your stacks are repaired before further damage occurs.
  • Dirt or debris: While not a terribly serious issue right away, a dirty smokestack will need to eventually be cleaned properly. Otherwise, dirt and debris can build up and reduce the efficiency of your smokestack. Regular maintenance and cleaning can ensure your smokestacks are as effective as possible at keeping your workers safe.
  • Worn down parts: Over time, parts and components of your workplace can wear down, and this is just as true for your smokestacks. Any areas or components that seem worn out will eventually need to be replaced; take note of these parts during your visual inspection of the stack.
  • Outdated equipment: All new stacks should be accessed and inspected 12 months after entering service to ensure anticipated performance under load. However, sometimes your stacks can go uninspected for a while after that. In these cases, you might have forgotten to check for anything that might be outdated. Pay attention and note any parts that are outdated during your inspections.

Keeping your smokestacks in good repair starts with regular inspection, since frequently checking your smokestack can help you catch problems like these early. Think it might be time to schedule a smokestack inspection for your workplace? Contact Continental Chimney. Continental Chimney can help you with all your smokestack inspection needs, as well as smokestack demolition and dismantling.

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