Smokestack Safety Videos

Smokestack Maintenance and Smokestack Repair:

The wonderful videos below have to do with safety first in relation to the use of equipment used by industrial smokestack companies. This includes the use of grinders, touches, saws etc. It also includes video having to with PPE and the importance of hard hats, safety glasses, earplugs, etc. on industrial chimneys. The most import part of any job is not focusing on getting it completed on time. That kind of an attitude will make a job take longer. Rather what the focus of work should be first is a safety first attitude, stopping work on scheduled or at certain times planned to go over a predetermined safety plan. This way workers can have some time for reflection on their job and come up with ways to make work safe. This might sound easy, but stopping to go over safety plans and discussing work plan procedure is sometimes more difficult than doing the actual job. Once everyone can work together in a safe manner, jobs can proceed with less effort. No man should ever have to risk his life doing his job, and when workers feel safe the work gets done by itself. It is necessary to review these videos throughout the year, you should not just be watching them once. This is because to avoid accidents and put safety first takes a commitment to safety, it just does not happen by itself. Stay safe, be a safety minded worker.