The Gold Hill Mesa Concrete Chimney

A Challange To Engineers in 2020

The City of New Bedford, Dept. of Public Infrastructure water treatment facility.

Gold Mesa Chimney Colorado


This is a photo of the Gold Mesa Chimney. Engineers have been presented with a most formable challenge, which is to restore this chimney back to a safe and solid condition. The problem is that the chimney has received little no maintenance in the last 50-100 years. This allowed moisture to seep into the column of the chimney thus causing great damage. Note the vertical cracks where the rebar (made of 1 1/4″ angle) has rusted and popped out large sections of concrete vertically. Horizontally, more so on the outside than the inside, the chimney has also developed cracks and spalling from 1/2″ round non abraded round stock steel. Several alternatives have been proposed. Banding, incasing in fiberglass, steel, or concrete. Presently, fiberglass is being considered. The problem is, that as moisture will continue to get into the structure to one degree or another (the chimney is off line) this will lead to further expansion, cracking, and will eventually break open the encasement. We had proposed banding as the best method. In this way, adjustments would be easily made and there would be easy access to the existing concrete.

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Donald Perry 10/01/2019, Latest Technology

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