Importance of stack column inspection

Chimney inspection and maintenance within the industrial industry is essential to preventing future complications and potentially expensive complications. This is also true for a stack column. While often overlooked, a stack column inspection will ensure that working conditions are safe and that the load can be handled properly.

Industrial chimney inspections should always be conducted by a professional industrial chimney contractor. If you do not remember the last time you had a stack column inspection conducted, you are risking the structural integrity of your industrial chimney stacks.

What Does An Inspection Include?

Your industrial chimneys will need to be inspected regularly to ensure they are safe all year-round. This can feel like a daunting task but is an essential aspect of industrial chimney maintenance. A stack column inspection will feature various tests that depend on how often you have received an inspection. Regular inspection is typically recommended every three months.

However, some tests should be conducted yearly, as well as every three years. A test by binocular should be conducted around once a year unless other issues arise. Even new smokestacks are not exempt. All new smokestacks will need to have an inspection conducted within one year after starting operation. These inspections will ensure that there is proper airflow through the smokestack, ensuring that the smokestack is up to code and is not causing a potential safety hazard.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Not following through with proper maintenance and stack column inspection could lead to future costly repairs down the road, as well as present a danger. Regular inspection should be included as part of the safety protocol for your company and considered a vital part of the company. Noticing potential issues before they cause serious problems can help company owners save money and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Schedule An Inspection

Scheduling regular stack column inspections is an essential part of any company that utilizes an industrial chimney. If you are not sure how long it has been since you have received an inspection, you should request all aspects of an inspection to be performed. This ensures not only the safety of the smokestack but also helps to avoid costly future repairs.

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