power plant chimney

When you’re designing your power plant, you want to make sure that you’ve got all the necessary safety features to keep you and your employees safe while on the job. Power plants can be dangerous workplaces if not designed properly or well maintained. One of the most essential parts of any power plant is a fully functioning, safely operated power plant chimney. But what does your power plant chimney need to do to keep you safe? Here’s what every good industrial chimney in a power plant needs to be capable of.

Managing atmospheric oxygen

Industrial smokestacks and chimneys are the main way you’ll be able to manage the atmospheric oxygen in your power plant. Having too high or low an oxygen concentration in the atmosphere can be incredibly harmful to your workers, and even deadly. Keeping your power plant’s air safe is the primary job of your smokestacks, so it’s essential that you keep them well-maintained to keep you and your employees safe.

Removing harmful chemicals

Smokestacks don’t just maintain the amount of oxygen in your workplace; they also are responsible for filtering out any harmful chemicals, gases, or materials in the air. Removing these is important to keep your employees from inhaling toxic substances, but also to avoid active work hazards. Certain gases and materials are flammable or otherwise dangerous under the right conditions, and keeping them managed with a functioning smokestack is necessary for avoiding workplace hazards.

What to be careful of

Smokestacks are only as good as their ability to filter the air in your workplace, and they can only do that if well-maintained and kept safe. Regular inspections are needed for any industrial smokestack or chimney to make sure they’re working properly. Additionally, there are a few safety measures you should be taking into account when designing smokestacks. Given their height, smokestacks must be lit so that planes will be able to see them. Since the exhaust can cover the lights, the lights must be five to ten feet below the top of the smokestack. Be aware of these and other environmental factors that might make your smokestacks dangerous and correct for them whenever possible.

Power plant chimneys have a few jobs to do in any power plant. For more information on industrial chimneys and how they help different types of workplaces, contact Continental Chimney today.

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