Smoke fills the air during industrial chimney maintenance

While most business owners know that maintaining their equipment and facilities is important, not everyone realizes just how dangerous it can be to skip a regularly scheduled inspection. Maintenance checks and inspections can seem like an extra and unnecessary expense at first, but in fact, they’re crucial to your and your employees’ health and safety. This is especially true of industrial chimney maintenance and inspections; these vital components of your workplace’s construction are responsible for keeping you safe. Here are just a few of the dangers you risk when you skip a regularly scheduled industrial chimney maintenance appointment.


Dangerous Oxygen Concentrations


The primary responsibility of your industrial chimneys is to regulate airflow and oxygen within the enclosed space of your work environment. This is particularly true for buildings where manufacturing or power production takes place. In these environments, your employees risk a lack of safe indoor air without properly functioning industrial chimneys. Atmospheric oxygen concentration below 19.5% or above 23.5% is dangerous or even fatal.

Critical Structural Damage


Ignoring regular chimney maintenance, in a worst case scenario, can lead to catastrophic results. Without regular industrial chimney inspections as part of your maintenance routine, you may entirely neglect significant structural issues that arise over time with large constructions like chimneys and smokestacks. If unaddressed, these could ultimately require industrial chimney demolition to resolve, and at worst, it could lead to a catastrophic failure that puts people in serious danger.


Inefficient Systems


Not all industrial chimneys that go without maintenance will have issues as dangerous as low oxygen levels or potential collapses; however, that doesn’t make the issue any less important. A lack of maintenance can lead to inefficiencies in your work environment, meaning your production will suffer over time. An inspection and maintenance appointment might seem like an extra expense at first, but it will ultimately help you save money on your operations later on.


Regular industrial chimney maintenance and inspection is crucial to keeping up a safe and healthy work environment for both you and your employees. For more information on chimney inspection or to schedule maintenance with an industrial chimney contractor today, contact Continental Chimney.

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