industrial chimney inspection

Industrial chimney inspection is an important maintenance activity. Industrial chimney inspection and stack column inspection is an OSHA and EPA requirement. The right industrial chimney company will provide the inspection certification that you need to meet regulatory requirements and to reduce risk.

Industrial chimneys require maintenance, and upkeep to ensure safety for the activity, and protection for the environment. According to the EPA, there has been an uptick in the construction of chimneys that are 500 feet or taller, without an increase in industrial chimney inspectors. Arranging for your inspection ASAP ensures you do not get caught in the backlog.

What Do Industrial Stack Inspections Include?

Your damage-free inspection includes several different steps to ensure safety and the reduction of risk. Your stack will be inspected using the following steps:

    • Hand tools are used to tap at the steel or concrete to inspect for separation, deterioration, and spalling.
    • Documentation of changes such as cracks.
    • Inspection of density and thickness.

Both the interior and the exterior of the stack are inspected for visible damage. As part of your inspection, you will receive documentation regarding recommended repairs and maintenance like the need for coatings.

Early Interventions

One of the best reasons to have an industrial chimney inspection is that early intervention factor. A complete inspection will help to reveal if there are any deficiencies and provide you with remedies to repair that problem early on.

Regularly scheduled commercial chimney inspections can help to keep your chimney in top condition. Early intervention commercial chimney repair can help to extend the life of your chimney and increase safety.


The EPA may seem laid back when it comes to enforcing compliance, but they lose that laid back attitude when there is a failure. OSHA also has strict guidelines for air pollutant content in the workplace. Regular commercial chimney inspections help to keep the organization in line with regulations and help to keep workers safe.

Avoiding liability issues, heavy fines, and workplace injuries all come down to having your industrial chimney inspection done on time. Protecting your workforce and the enterprise has to be a priority. Get the support that you need from a certified industrial chimney contractor.

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