Suggested maintenance coatings

One of the main purposes an industrial chimney or smokestack serves is to keep employees safe at work. Smokestacks are responsible for maintaining the air quality in an environment, and if they aren’t properly maintained regularly, the results could be disastrous. Atmospheric oxygen concentration below 19.5% or above 23.5% are dangerous or even fatal, and smokestacks help to keep oxygen levels where they need to be. Of course, they can only do that if they’re well-maintained and properly functioning. Next time your chimneys are in need of maintenance, check for these issues and updates to keep them safe and working properly.

  1. Repairing cracks: You might not always notice small cracks and damage to your industrial chimney on a day to day basis, but if you notice one of these during a routine maintenance check, you’ll want to call an industrial chimney contractor right away. These can be a sign of larger structural damage in some cases, putting your chimney and workers at risk.
  2. Maintaining materials: No material, no matter how strong, is made to last forever. Even if you find that your chimney is structurally sound during your maintenance checks, you might notice some materials are beginning to wear down or fall apart. Make sure you get these replaced or repaired as soon as possible, since old materials are more likely to cause problems down the line.
  3. Suggested maintenance coatings: Using the right protective materials can keep your smokestacks in better shape for longer. Talk to an industrial chimney contractor about suggested maintenance coatings for your chimney and whether you should consider adding them.
  4. Efficiency and effectiveness: Most importantly, during your inspection, you’ll want to make sure your chimney is doing its job and doing it well. Keeping track of the air quality through regular inspections keeps your chimney functional and your workers safe on the job.

If you notice any significant problems during the routine maintenance inspections of your chimneys, you’ll want to call a contractor as soon as possible. This will ensure your chimneys stay functional for as long as possible, while also keeping your workers and employees safe. For more information on industrial chimney inspections, contact Continental Chimney today.

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