Industrial chimneys with heavy smoke causing pollution needs a chimney inspection to see if a Smokestack Removal is necessary

Can You Still Salvage Your Smokestack? Or Is A Smokestack Removal Necessary?

Unfortunately, no building is made to last forever, and that includes industrial buildings as well. Industrial chimneys, in particular, can pose problems as they age — their height, hefty materials, and important role lead them to create more issues when they stop working properly. If your industrial chimneys are aging, what should you do about them? Is it worth investing in industrial chimney repair, or should you be looking into smokestack removal? Here are a few of the options that are available for commercial chimneys as they reach the end of their lifespans.

Industrial Chimney Maintenance

Depending on how old your current industrial chimney is, it’s possible that you can still salvage it through proper maintenance and more frequent inspections. No matter what maintenance needs to be done, it’s essential that you check your industrial chimney to ensure it’s providing safe atmospheric oxygen levels. Atmospheric oxygen concentration below 19.5% or above 23.5% are dangerous or even fatal, so if this is unattainable through maintenance you’ll need another solution.

Industrial Chimney Repair

If there’s a single identifiable issue with your industrial chimney due to its age, industrial chimney repair could be able to keep it running. Simply repairing the one area could solve your issue altogether, but in some cases, a chimney is too old to be salvaged. Other times, it may cost more to repair than it would to rebuild, meaning the next option you should look at after industrial chimney repair is demolition.

Industrial Chimney Demolition

If your chimney is beyond repair, you’ll want to hire an industrial chimney contractor to help organize your demolition project. Tearing down a chimney isn’t as simple as demolishing other buildings; its height and materials make it difficult to remove, especially if it’s located near other buildings. Having a professional contractor to help with demolition will ensure safe removal of the smokestack.

Every workplace has a limited lifespan since all materials eventually wear down over time. Industrial chimneys can become especially hazardous as they age, making maintenance, repair, and demolition important for aging smokestacks. For more information or to schedule industrial chimney repair or demolition, contact Continental Chimney today.

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