A view of two smokestacks on a sunny day with blue skies

When working in the manufacturing sector or similar work environments, there are a wide variety of potential confined space hazards to contend with, including industrial chimneys. Smokestacks feature prominently in many types of workplaces as a means of helping manage potential hazards, but if they’re not properly inspected and maintained, your smokestacks could potentially be a hazard themselves. Here’s why having internal inspections for your smokestacks is essential to keeping your employees safe.

  • Unseen hazards: Because smokestacks often deal with various dangerous gases that may be usually left unseen to the naked eye, inspecting your industrial chimneys is essential for employee health and safety. Many workplace hazards exist that might not be easily spotted with just a simple once-over. A full internal inspection will make you aware of any of these hazards that might exist.
  • Adjustments to workload: If your business has recently undergone expansion or growth, it’s possible your smokestacks aren’t actually equipped to handle the job. You’ll want to regularly inspect your smokestacks for this reason. All new stacks should be accessed and inspected twelve months after entering service to ensure anticipated performance under load.
  • Efficient operations: On top of scheduling regular inspections you’ll want to make sure you contact smokestack inspection services or a commercial chimney contractor if you suspect your smokestacks aren’t operating at peak capacity. Any inefficiencies could be a sign that something is wrong, meaning your workers might be at risk. Additionally, an inefficient smokestack means inefficient operations, which can lead to reduced output and profits for your company overall.
  • Checking for maintenance: The only way to know if something is broken, sometimes, is to see it for yourself. Regularly inspecting your industrial chimneys makes sure that you’re catching any damage or parts in need of repair early, preventing further damage from happening down the road.

If you haven’t had a regular smokestack inspection in recent memory, you’ll want to schedule one as soon as possible. This is essential for maintaining worker health and safety in your workplace, as well as keeping your operations running as smoothly as possible. For more information on industrial chimney inspection, contact Continental Chimney. Continental Chimney can also help with chimney demolition and other common problems associated with industrial chimneys.

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